Why Isn’t Anyone Opening Your Emails?

How do you get someone to actually open your email? We all know what it’s like. We get hundreds (maybe thousands!) of emails every day. What do we do? Delete. Delete. Delete. As a marketer, your first goal is to get your recipients to OPEN your


Change in the Midst of a Crisis

At Infinity Concepts, we work with nonprofits of all sizes. We work closely with a ministry that launched a new outreach just as the COVID-19 shutdowns were starting. It seemed like the entire world stopped turning in just one day. The leaders of the ministry knew


7 Fundraising Metrics Every Nonprofit Should Track

When it comes to determining the effectiveness of your nonprofit or ministry fundraising program there are SEVEN FUNDRAISING PERFORMANCE INDICATORS that can objectively show you how well you’re doing. Without these indicators, you are unable to identify areas of success and areas that need attention before