Should My Company Have a Mascot?

by Liane Palaschak | Jun 10, 2013 | Branding

Mascots are an effective way to brand your company and get people to remember you.  While logos are a typical branding tool of marketing, mascots are less common but more memorable.

Think back to popular brands.  I’d bet that most of them have some kind of mascot that makes them stand out.

Since the rise of the social media world, more companies are now creating mascots to engage people in social-media conversation.  With a small investment, social media is allowing companies to test the effectiveness of mascots to see how people are reacting to it.  The Aflac duck’s FaceBook page has a whopping 374,700 likes, while the Aflac Insurance Agency page has only 21,910.  This shows that people relate more to a physical brand mascot, rather than the brand itself.  Without the duck, would we remember Aflac?

Mascots are being used more and more often to put a not so memorable company on a person’s radar.  Mascots communicate your brand’s personality in a way that people can easily relate to.  However, choosing a mascot is an important job and several things should be taken into consideration.

      • What type of mascot should my company have?  Human mascot, animal mascot, or an inanimate object mascot?  Whatever mascot you choose make sure it is impressive, engaging, and friendly.  You want your mascot to bring out the positive attributes of your company and you need it to stick.
      • Is your mascot original?  Make sure your mascot is copyrighted before using it on any promotional materials.  Copying a design or even copying similarities can result in an unnecessary legal battle.
      • Once you choose and design your mascot, use it and don’t change it!  Incorporate your mascot into your promotional materials as much as possible.  Avoid changing your mascot—this will only confuse your audience.

Deciding if you should use a mascot to represent your company is a big decision, choose the wrong mascot and your brand may suffer, but choosing the right mascot could do wonders for your brand.  Even if you decide a mascot is not for your company, everyone should have a Maggie at their office.  After all, kids have classroom pets why can’t adults have workplace pets?

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