Change in the Midst of a Crisis

by Liane Palaschak | Jun 26, 2020 | Fundraising, Leadership

At Infinity Concepts, we work with nonprofits of all sizes. We work closely with a ministry that launched a new outreach just as the COVID-19 shutdowns were starting. It seemed like the entire world stopped turning in just one day.

The leaders of the ministry knew things were about to change, but like most people, change terrified them. If you follow the news media, you have probably heard the term “the new normal” more than you ever cared to.  What was the new normal for their ministry and many others about to look like?

Instead of fearing change, ministries need to embrace it.

Here is what we can learn:

We need to understand our situation: Cash flow is the biggest need when running a nonprofit organization.  Without funds, even an amazing ministry cannot do what is needed.  You must have clear and accurate information to determine what cash flow shortages you may encounter.

Fundraising efforts are now more vital than ever.  Since the outreach was new, there was some thought of stopping the ministry until things settled down.  Instead of fearing and doing nothing, this is a time to really push fundraising efforts and strategy. Being honest with your donors and expressing why you need their support financially now more than ever can go a long way.

People are still giving, even in these unstable times. During a time when people may be hurting financially, if they believe in your cause, they will find a way to give.  It may be the perfect time to ramp up your efforts with email campaigns and social media fundraisers.

Think outside the box. Like most ministries, your plans for 2020 probably changed drastically.  Large fundraisers may have been postponed, and speaking engagements may have been canceled, but finding unique new ways to make your ministry shine can benefit your ministry in the long-term.  You may not want to change, or be uncomfortable, but sometimes change is needed for success!

Continue to remember that “this too shall pass.”  As the entire world faces an uncertain future, ministries need to continue to drive change. The role of a non-profit is to advocate for the vulnerable population, even when the world throws a wrench in your plans.

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