Audio Marketing Is Making a Comeback!

by Liane Palaschak | May 7, 2021 | Media

What goes around, always come back around, right? Ready or not, audio marketing is back! Audio Marketing is not a new concept, it is just evolving. For years, the family radio was a staple in the American household. When television was created, audio content lost its way a bit. Then came the Internet, and the rest is history. Now more than three-quarters of Internet users are already listening to digital audio and that is continuing to rise.

How can you keep up with audio marketing in a digital world? Read below!

Podcasting. The past few years, podcasting has been growing at rapid speed. A podcast offers the perfect opportunity for brands to tell their story. It is also a more personal way to provide people insight as to what your organization is doing. However, a good podcast needs to have good planning and organization.

Turn your blog into audio. A simple way to create audio content is to take content you already have and reinvent it a bit. One way is to convert your blog posts into podcasts of varying lengths. Or a simple way is to make it like an audiobook by reading the text.

Use voice technology to deliver content: Smart home assistants are becoming an essential tool. According to EMarketer, a market research company, more than 35.6 million Americans use them at least once per month. Now, content search has been moving toward voice search since Apple launched Siri. It continued to grow with the launch of many other voice assistants like Amazon Echo, and Google Home.

Audiograms: This may be the simplest way to start your audio marketing. Audiograms are basically a piece of audio that overlays a still image. You can then share these audiograms on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media platforms also give you the opportunity to create and stream “live” content and allow listeners to actively participate in the conversation.

Audio marketing has many pros that outweigh the cons. In a world where people are juggling a million things at once, audio experiences can be enjoyed while getting on with your day. Plus, it is an effective way to resonate with audiences AND leave a lasting impression! A win-win!

Do you know you need audio marketing, but do not know where to start? We can help!

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