Your Media Plan: It Is Time to Embrace the Change!

by Liane Palaschak | Feb 11, 2022 | Media

If we have learned anything from the past (almost) 2 years, it is that things change! Sometimes dramatically! Everything changed from how children attend school, to how we work, where we shop, among many other things. With these changes, media interests have also changed, forcing us to rethink our plans to reach consumers.

What must media professionals do?

Keep People First: There has never been a better time to understand how to reach the people you want. Marketers must know and understand new consumer behaviors and not base decisions on what may have worked in the past. We are living in a whole new world that we must step into headfirst. Data is imperative now more than ever and with almost two years under our belt, utilizing data is key. For example, the media industry is making strides to a more “inclusive” model. According to Nielsen, TV landscape of the top 300 most-viewed programs in 2019 (broadcast, cable, and streaming), 92% of all programs measured had some presence of diversity in recurring casts.” Keep the people first by knowing the data.
Always Be On: Continual planning is a must now; it may even be the largest opportunity for brands. Continuously planning will help you keep a pulse on your audience. Media planning needs to be agile, to allow marketers to reevaluate plans from previous quarters to help with the decision-making process.

Make Things Easier: Connected media planning has not always been the best as far as accuracy is concerned. In fact, a start-to-finish media plan is challenging, because of the total number of partners marketers must work with from start to finish. According to Nielsen’s 2021 Annual Marketing Report, brands of all sizes and industries have very little confidence in their existing marketing technology (martech) capabilities. However, the report also found that brands are planning to raise technology software budgets by an average of 30%. The goal is for brands to go to one place to execute a full marketing plan. With the improvement of automated systems, you have less human error, and it gives you a better vision into what is successful.

As media professionals, we must be able to weather any storm. If you have not yet embraced the change, perhaps now is the time.

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