Display Ads: How to Ensure Success

by Liane Palaschak | Apr 15, 2022 | Digital, Marketing

In 2022, digital display ads still play a major role in pushing your potential customers through the marketing funnel. Even with all the other advertising players out there, display ads are still proving their effectiveness. So, what works and what does not?

Design an Array of Ad Sizes

I know this sounds time-consuming, but this is going to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck. According to Google, these are the best performing ad sizes: large rectangle, inline rectangle, half page, large mobile, and leaderboard. Also, adding your logo to all these ads helps to build your brand awareness, so do not be hesitant to use it.

Show a Clear Proposal

Do you want your audience to click on your ad? Of course, you do! Therefore, you need to showcase your product’s or mission’s best feature. Ask yourself, why should someone click on my ad? Have this feature take up the most space and be the first thing your audience sees.

Call to Action

Add a button and make it bold! Choose your words carefully and make them short and sweet. “Click Here,” “Do It,” “Register Today” are some examples that will entice your audience to click on your ad. Usually, place this call-to-action button near the bottom of your ad.

Simplicity Is Key

You do not want your ad to be cluttered by text and images. Keep your images simple and your text short but unique. Choosing a strong image that is meaningful to your brand could take your ad to the next level.

Choose Your Images and Fonts Carefully

Please choose a font that is easy to read! Steer clear of cursive, thin, or all CAPS fonts. You want your reader to see clear and concise messaging. Imagery is not always needed in an ad, but if you do, choosing the right image is extremely important. Choose images that are meaningful to your brand, yet simple.

Make Your Reader Take Immediate Action

Urgency is important. “Take action now” or “Limited Time” both convey that if you do not act now, you will miss out.

Test It, Then Tailor It!

Even with all these lists of best practices, the most important thing is testing your ads! A/B testing is the number one way to determine what works for your brand. Change your ad copy, imagery, or calls to action to see what gets you the best response.


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