Five Key Takeaways for Your Next Nonprofit or Ministry Outreach Event

by Laura Denner | Sep 30, 2022 | Marketing, Public Relations

The world of events and gatherings has drastically shifted and evolved over the last few years. The pandemic has forever changed the way in which events are hosted, managed and even promoted. But there are several, timeless, tried-and-true factors that will always play a role in the success of your events.

Here are five takeaways to remember and implement as you prepare for your next event:

  1. Plan Ahead!
    What’s the date of your event?
    Most successful events are planned at least six months to a year in advance. You’ll want to give yourself and your planning team ample time to strategize and determine the purpose for your event and key metrics to measure its success, whether that’s a sold-out function, exceeded fundraising goal, or new members or supporters who are now brand advocates for your ministry or organization.

    Knowing and sticking to your event budget will also help you allocate funds appropriately where they are needed most.

  1. Location, Location, Location
    Where will your event take place?
    Does your event require a large gathering auditorium or a more intimate setting for peer-to-peer conversations? Your venue will most likely absorb a chunk of your budget, so it’s crucial to select your space wisely. Review of room capacity, audio/visual technology setup and capabilities, ADA regulations, and adequate parking are a few of the components you should label as priority tasks on your event checklist.

    The physical location of your event is equally important—is it GPS-friendly and convenient for the locals and out-of-town folks who plan to attend?

  1. Engaging and Interactive Program
    What kind of programming can your attendees anticipate?
    The content you produce as part of your programming is the “meat” of your event—are you trying to educate your guests or simply entertain them? Excite them to join your mission or cause? Inspire them to action? A lineup of passionate, enthusiastic emcees, speakers, moderators and team members will fuel the energy and engagement of your attendees and allow them to “catch the vision” and value the programming you have curated for them.

    Q&A segments coupled with small-group breakout sessions will encourage your attendees to ask questions and provide their insights, including them in the “big-picture” conversation at large.

  1. Refreshments
    Did someone say food?
    If you feed them, they will come. As silly and trivial as this sounds, food can be a driving motivator for attendance. Depending on your budget scale and resources, offering a three-course catered meal to your attendees may not be feasible … and that’s okay! Serving light refreshments like coffee, tea, bottled water and snacks can provide opportunities for your attendees to bond over key program themes and messages and potentially spark new ideas and creativity.

    Plus, no one ever says no to free refreshments!

  1. Audience Experience
    How will your audience perceive your event?
    You can spend an exorbitant amount of money on advertising and marketing to get people to your event, but if your attendees do not feel your event was worth their time, energy and financial investment, you’ve missed the mark. The audience experience can make or break the success of your event, so it’s important to evaluate how to manage their expectations and perceptions BEFORE they even arrive.

    What all is included in the registration package? Will your audience have access to the event timeline so they can plan their day accordingly? Is there an option to participate virtually? These are some of the questions to carefully consider during the event planning phase.

    Before you plan your upcoming seminar, expo, or outreach, take some time to connect with other organizations and ministries like yours who have executed successful events to see how you can improve or maximize your next event’s ROI!

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Laura Denner

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