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by Liane Palaschak | Dec 23, 2022 | Consulting

God made every one of us unique. The world is full of different personalities. In fact, it is what makes the world go round! However, different personalities in the workplace or your ministry can be challenging, unless you take some time to fully understand what personality you are working with. Understanding how others tick will not only make your life easier but make your organization succeed!

The Perfectionist: This personality type is easily spotted. From the way they carry themselves, to the way their desk is organized, a perfectionist does not fly under the radar. Not only do they have high standards for their work, but they often put a ton of pressure on themselves to live up to an eventually unrealistic standard.

How to manage the Perfectionist:

  • Give them jobs that require immense attention to detail, but jobs that limit their responsibilities. They tend to get overwhelmed easily but you can count on them to make sure the job is accurate.

  • Set strict deadlines. Because of their impeccable standards, they will work until they are 100 percent sure every detail is correct.

  • Positive feedback is crucial. Perfectionists like to hear they are doing a good job. It not only makes them gain self-confidence, but it makes them more pleasant to be around.

The People Pleaser: This personality type is more concerned with how everyone else around them is feeling. They always want to make sure everyone around them is happy and taken care of.

How to manage the People Pleaser:

  • They love to be surrounded by others and they tend to thrive when working in a team setting.

  • They love dealing with people and managing others, but they are not assertive. Their people-pleasing personality tends to get them walked all over, in fear of hurting feelings.

  • Be polite to them, but straightforward when you have a task for them to complete. They tend to be overthinkers.

The Sprinter: Multitasking is the Sprinter’s favorite word. They love to have projects simultaneously running and can effectively move from one thing to another. They love efficiency and hate to waste time. They are always on the move. Sprinters make great entrepreneurs.

How to manage the Sprinter:

  • Have a last-minute project? Assign it to this personality. You can rely on them to get the job done faster and more efficiently than anyone else.

  • Encourage them to take their time. Giving them a project in phases with a specific amount of time allows them to focus more on the task than a deadline.

The Bull: This person usually has a strong personality, one of which others may be a bit intimidated. They appear stable and hardworking. They tend to like to work alone and on hard tasks. They are dependable and risk-takers.

How to manage the Bull:

  • They have a hard time expressing their true feelings and communication is not their strong point. Try to open up to them, to give them a chance to reciprocate.

  • Check in on them regularly since they have a hard time opening up when something is wrong or challenging.

The Yes Man (or woman!): This personality is notorious for never saying no! However, most times they take on way more than they can chew. They always have an ongoing “to-do” list and struggling to finish a task from start to finish.

How to manage the Yes Man:

  • Try not to rush them. Quality is important to them. Giving them a list of the most pressing priorities will help to ensure that the important tasks are getting done first.

  • Reward them only when they complete a task, not just when they work hard on it.

As an organization leader or manager, it is imperative that you know your employees. You need to know what entices each employee on your payroll! Because the truth is, all these personalities can come together to make something beautiful.

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