The Value of Teamwork

by Liane Palaschak | Feb 24, 2023 | Productivity

This past weekend my 10-year-old daughter had her first basketball tournament. Watching the girls play made me realize how being on a team at a young age is so valuable for adult life. When kids work together as a team, they learn strong skills that can be carried into the workplace. As I transition into a human resource role at Infinity Concepts, it is important to me to find potential hires who are team players.

What does being a part of a team teach you?

How to Listen: The first step in effective communication is the ability to listen. Members of any team must first listen to their coach to know how to perform their individual role. Then, they must listen to each other to work together as one unit. Last, they must know how to listen to their opponent by picking up on social cues. Teaching kids how to listen teaches them respect for others, which is vital. When kids learn to listen, not just hear, they are learning the important lesson that what others say is worthy of consideration.

How to Have a Voice: Kids are taught at a young age to speak, but having a voice is something different. Having a voice is about reaching an audience by truly understanding them, not just talking to them. Teamwork forces you to express yourself and your ideas effectively.

How to have self-confidence: Having confidence in yourself can be a struggle for a lot of people. However, when you learn and understand that your voice is worthy to be heard, you gain self-confidence. Every member of a team is valuable in their own way, and a team must all come together to have success. When each member feels encouraged, the more their insecurities will dissipate. Self-confidence is a vital trait to have in the workforce.

How to Effectively Communicate: You can easily spot a team that is in sync with each other. They have learned how to effectively communicate with each other to bring success to the team. Learning good communication skills at an early age is essential in any successful relationship. In the workforce, when employees are on the same page, jobs become easier, and work becomes seamless. 

How to Problem Solve: Strategizing and problem-solving are lessons you can learn from being a part of a team. The more time you spend on learning how to solve problems, the better you get implementing them. This helps kids think on their feet and make decisions under pressure. It allows them to come up with better solutions when something does not work as planned. The ability to solve problems makes an employee a great addition to your team.

I would guess that most people agree that teamwork at a young age builds successful adults. There are many ways to get kids involved in a team. It could be a football team, the band, or the debate team. Kids who pick up these skills early in life turn into well-rounded adults who thrive in the workplace.

At Infinity Concepts, I can tell you it takes a unique employee to thrive. Our IC team is different; we are unique individuals who know how to listen and speak. We know it takes hard work and problem-solving skills to help our clients thrive. A love for doing for others is ingrained in each one of us. Let us show you that love!

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