The Power in Knowing Your Clients

by Liane Palaschak | Jun 30, 2023 | Consulting

At Infinity Concepts, as with most businesses, clients are of the utmost importance. We carefully hire employees who are customer service-oriented and who we know will do whatever it takes to serve our clients well. Proper client service is key for any organization to have success. The success of our clients at Infinity Concepts is what keeps us moving each day. We love helping organizations like yours be successful.

What makes a good customer service-oriented employee?

Communication is key. We have all heard this phrase before, but do you truly know how important communication is? Keeping in regular communication with your client is imperative. Know your client’s best mode of communication and respond quickly to their needs. No news is not good news when it comes to the relationship between an employee and a client. Keep your client regularly updated so they know you have their best interests in mind.

Honesty is the best policy. Building trust with your client takes time and patience, but like any relationship, having trust between a vendor and client makes a relationship strong. Always strive for integrity in every conversation and project you work on.

Set Expectations. Do not make promises you are not sure you can keep. Be realistic when you give clients estimates, timelines, and results. It is always better to under-promise and over-deliver, than to overpromise and under-deliver.

Stay organized and aligned. It is important at the start of a project to establish the scope of work. It is easy to get distracted doing work that is not part of the contract or to fall off course. If you are organized and aligned, you are more likely to avoid distractions. Using a CRM system or a well-oiled process can help you stay organized and on track.

Learn their industry. An effective relationship with a client requires the customer service representative to have a deep understanding of what the organization does. Always take time to research a client’s background. Know their successes and challenges so you can have a firm understanding of their needs.

Get to know your client! There is nothing wrong with having a personal, yet professional relationship with your client. Not only does this help build trust but it makes you real. Most humans crave personal connections with others, and personal bonds are the ones that last the longest.

Your clients have high expectations when it comes to companies they carefully choose to work with. As the face of Infinity Concepts, our team is trained and well equipped to know what fantastic customer service looks like.

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