Establishing a Culture of Excellence

by Haley Mollica | Sep 1, 2023 | Leadership

God does EVERYTHING with excellence! We are to operate and lead with that same level of excellence in both our personal and professional lives.

Culture Starts with You
Company culture starts with its leadership. To create a culture of excellence within an organization, it needs to first be IN the leaders of the organization. You cannot lead others in what you do not possess. Excellence is not something you are born with, it is developed from a combination of deliberate choices, consistent behavior, and dedication to do the right thing, every day. Leaders have a critical role in creating and sustaining the culture that fuels your employees and drives people to your organization. A culture of excellence in your organization leads to increased employee retention and happier and more productive team members.

Define and Model Excellence First
As leaders, you must first define excellence and then model that for your team. You need to show a commitment to your personal growth as well as the organization’s growth. This can be done by having clear and consistent messaging that reflects your organization’s vision, mission, and strategic goals. These need to not only be communicated across all channels, but also gauged and monitored using measurable indicators and feedback tools.

Empower and Challenge Excellence
Properly train and empower your team to perform well in their roles. Allow them space to solve problems, give them authority to make decisions, and take risks. Encourage through positive feedback and support them with tools and resources. Nurture excellence by encouraging curiosity and permitting innovative ideas that expand boundaries, but also allow failure to fuel continuous learning and improvement. Always embrace the possibility of change to advance the organization forward.

Reward Excellence Always
Your commitment to excellence needs to not only be communicated and measured, but also recognized and rewarded. Your team needs to know when they go above and beyond, they will be acknowledged and appreciated. Great leaders provide timely recognition, feedback, and incentives for team members who stand out and consistently exude excellence. As other team members witness the recognition, they will push forward and strive to also be recognized for their efforts.

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Haley Mollica

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