The Future of Media

by Infinity Concepts | May 19, 2009 | Media

At the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) annual convention in Nashville, Tennessee, our president, Mark Dreistadt, took part in a fascinating new pilot study.

Along with only a handful of other workshop presenters, Mark was chosen to participate in a text-messaging system that gave him instant feedback from attendees on questions related to job position, budget level, significant ministry challenges, etc.

In turn, the feedback helped generate graphs and percentages in real-time within Mark’s PowerPoint presentation. So he was actually able to better understand his audience and adjust his presentation to better suit the demographic of the room!
This type of pilot study reflects the limitless future of media. Today, cell phones and other handhelds are society’s most widely used devices, outselling computers six-to-one. Mobile carriers are investing a fortune in adapting new television technology, enhancing headsets, and marketing these devices straight into the pockets of consumers.

As we continue to go digital, as airtime becomes cheaper, and as technology keeps improving, the advertising we see on our TVs and handheld devices eventually will be based on user preferences, including your viewed programs, purchasing patterns, and geographical location. The day may soon come when, if you don’t own a dog, you’ll probably never see a dog food commercial.

Consider, too, that GPS devices are already in many cell phones, allowing you to do searches, get directions, or be connected instantly by phone to speak with someone about the item you are searching for. Plus, when all TV stations go digital (now slated for June 2009), the opportunities for direct-to-consumer marketing will reach unbelievable new heights.
In the near future, imagine your television spot or program airing on local television plus an iPhone — or your audience simply clicking a button on the remote control to give a donation or purchase one of your ministry products. This is all literally right around the corner. It’s already happening in Europe and Asia.

Are you getting ready?

While we continue to pay close attention to advances in technology and its effect on media, Infinity Concepts consults regularly with TV stations, cable providers, and our ministry clients.

As professional marketers, we understand the value of real-time marketing to the consumer and donor. Spending for consumers and response from donors both increase dramatically when the process is easy and, more importantly, completed quickly.

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