Brand Uniqueness

by Infinity Concepts | Oct 13, 2009 | Branding

A few months ago we discussed the success of the ad campaign for Avis (Rent-A-Car). If you recall, Avis uniquely developed an “against-position” with Hertz that allowed them to build one of the most successful brands ever… “We are #2. We try harder.”

I’m sure Avis did try harder, but their success was credited to their “Brand Uniqueness”…being Number Two. By positioning themselves in the minds of their consumers as the “underdog,” they won the hearts of millions.

Think about some of the most successful Brands (BMW, Maytag, and World Vision for example). Most successful Brands have a memorable Brand Identity, a unique Brand Position, and a clear strategy for Expressing the Brand. The Bavarian Motor Works, or BMW, has developed a great identity. (Can you picture the logo?) The BMW is well positioned as a luxury performance vehicle. In every advertisement, commercial, or showroom, you are consistently reminded that you are in the presence of the “Ultimate Driving Machine”. You know what you are getting when you buy a BMW. They live their Brand.

BMW has developed what we like to call DNA. In Infinity Concepts’ terms, this is a process that includes Discovery, Navigation, and Action planning. The result is a clear definition of the very essence of an organization.

Every executive, factory worker, and sales person at BMW has made an investment to understand and be a part of the company’s DNA. It’s part of their corporate culture, and a major reason for their success.

Likewise, the members of your organization should be able to describe your positioning at a moment’s notice (and in only a moment). In other words, they need to be able to communicate their Brand Uniqueness clearly and concisely…In marketing terms, this is called developing a Unique Sales Proposition (USP).

Unfortunately, too many organizations fall in love with their brands and believe the brands speak for themselves. Having a strong point of difference in your brand is a major advantage, and developing a great messaging platform will keep your brand unique. The more distance you have from your competition, the tighter your connection will be to your customers.

Here’s an exercise. Substitute your unique information within the parentheses. Our (brand name or service) is the only (product category) that (does what).

Having trouble identifying your Brand Uniqueness? Are you pleased with your position in your market? If I were to walk down the halls of your organization, would your people be able to recite your organization’s mission statement?

Infinity Concepts can help you to analyze your competitors, develop a USP, and strengthen the core, or DNA, of your organization. We have developed a DNA Workshop designed specifically to focus vision and define strategy for the future growth of your organization.

If you would like to discuss your DNA, improve your communications, focus your identity, or just learn more about our services, please give us a call. I’ll bet we can help!

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