Do Your Donors Know Your Vision?

by Mark Dreistadt | Mar 15, 2012 | Fundraising, Leadership

I have a question for you. What is your organization’s vision? What is it that you are trying to accomplish? What is the future goal that you want to attain? That vision — the picture of a different future — is what donors are attracted to.

Building Donor Relationships

Donor relationships are built through vision. As you share your God-given vision, people will naturally align with that vision and want to be part of it.

So building a strong donor base is all about sharing your vision.  But don’t be deceived — maintaining a strong donor base is not just about a better future. Keeping a donor base strong is all about creating a positive donor experience with your organization.

Donors want to know that your ministry is pursuing the vision and achieving goals. They want to know that you are being true to your commitment to your mission. They want to know that you are making an impact on the world with the message of the gospel. And most importantly, they want to know that you are communicating with them.

The Donor Experience

Donors want to be informed, they want to be part of the team. The donor experience is critical in order for your organization to be successful. If you haven’t been thinking about the donor experience, you’ve been missing out on some tremendous opportunities.

Donors are not ATMs; they are not checking accounts; they are not money machines. Donors are people who care about godly vision. And deep down they are people who want to be appreciated, informed, and cared for. Take good care of your donors; love them; give them a great experience; and continually share your vision with them. When you do, your ministry will grow and God will send many donors to support His work.

Mark Dreistadt

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