Knock It Out of the Park!

by Infinity Concepts | Jun 3, 2013 | Public Relations

When it comes to public speaking, not everyone likes it. In fact most people are afraid of speaking in front of large crowds.  The reason may be they don’t want to disappoint the audience. Or they are not sure if they are on the same page as the audience. How do you even know if the audience gets your message?  Here are some tips that will help you communicate better with your audience and make sure they understand what you want to convey.

1) Know your audience – Who are you talking to? Understand the culture and paradigm of the people you are speaking to.  It will help you choose the right words so that you can deliver the greatest impact.

2) Create an interesting story line and stay with it – Begin with brainstorming all keys point that you will use. One technique is to write them down on index cards and lay them out. Then decide which points are most important and focus on those items.

3) Visual support – It also may help to use technology to enhance your message. Popular examples are videos, PowerPoint, handouts, pictures, and audio. But remember they are not the star, so use them sparingly and make them count. Your message is the star.

4) Create a warm and welcoming environment – You have the ability to control the environment of your presentation. Having the audience participate is always a good idea. Make eye contact. Read the audience’s body gestures.  Are they following you? Give examples that they can relate to. It will help them better understand your message.

5) Stay positive – A smile will always help clam everything down. Remember, they are here to listen to you. You already sold yourself to them. You just need to confirm that the time they spend with you is worthwhile.

Public speaking may feel intimidating but it is not as hard as everyone thinks. You will succeed as long as you know your audience, feed them what they need, use words that they can quickly understand, and use supporting examples that they can relate to.  These tips will help you deliver your message effectively to the audience. Knock it out of the park!

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