Technology Is Always Changing … Advertising Is Always Reacting

by Infinity Concepts | Jun 24, 2013 | Creative, Public Relations

I remember my first day of college, my professor for Intro to Communications stated, “Even though communication has been around since man, it is recognized as a fairly new discipline. While the basic principles will stay the same, much of what you learn this semester for Public Relations and Advertising will be outdated by the time you graduate.”

I have discovered this statement to be true. Advertising and communication models are constantly changing, driven by the new technology that comes out each year. I discovered that flexibility and innovation are essential. Today there is a vast amount of technology readily available, ranging from tablets to smartphones and laptops to desktops. Device targeting is becoming more and more essential.


Device targeting is the process of researching the type of device(s) your target audience uses so that your ads are designed and placed effectively. Every device, has unique screen specifications. Does this mean that every ad must be tailored to every possible device? Thankfully no, there is technology that allows for adaptable responsive ads. But, what does need to be thought out is the creative layout of the ad.

If a user sees an ad on a desktop, the call to action can simply be a scroll over or a “click here” button. However if seen on a phone or tablet, the ad can interactively connect the user with “touch scrolling”, “hand movement” or “shake to expand” depending on the premise of the ad and capability of the device.

With the rapid increase of different technology, being flexible will allow for a greater ROI. Like always, research is essential in determining the target audience’s demographics and proper device targeting.


Another element of device targeting is geographically relevant ads. Because many phones have a built-in GPS, advertisers can target advertising based on your current location.

The most exercised use for this aspect of device targeting is to allow community businesses and local events to develop ads that can be seen by people who are within a nearby radius. By making ads more personal and relevant, the consumer will be further inclined to stop and look into your business.

Innovation is the key to a successful communication. Because of today’s improvements in technology, all businesses need to think outside of the box to reach the consumer in an efficient and creative manner.

Advertising is no longer the field of obtrusive sales pitch ads but rather a field of professionals that utilize strategy, research, technology, psychology, and creativity in order to produce a unique ad tailored to the target audience.

Technology has become a game changer. It is important that your communication utilizes the latest innovations to effectively reach your audience.

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