Facebook Updated Their Logo: Should You?

by Infinity Concepts | Sep 24, 2013 | Creative

In April, Facebook officially redesigned their logo. With a more simplistic flat design, the light blue rectangle was removed from the lower quarter.The lowercase F was also enlarged and moved to bleed from the blue square. The logo update was most likely inspired by the popularity of flat design and a more legible image when decreased in size. There are many reasons to update/ change the logo of your company but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should.

Ask Why

Before implementing a logo redesign, be sure to be able to answer the question why. If the reason is only to follow the current design fad then rethinking your decision is advised. The reason being that the logo is a vital part of your company and mission. As a major component in your visual branding, changing your logo will have both positive and negative feedback (hopefully more of the initial). The audience of your brand relates the logo with the mission, quality service, relationship, interaction, and beliefs with the company as a whole. Because of this, changing your logo can result in a negative perception among your audience.

Answers To Why

Here are four reasons to consider a logo change/ update:

1) Damaged Brand Image

When the allegations for Lance Armstrong were proven to be true, the Live Strong Foundation quickly removed the copy “Lance Armstrong Foundation” from the logo.

2) Fundamental Change within the Company

In hopes to demonstrate that the new management is working hard to change the reputation of American Airlines, the company is undergoing a new branding strategy and logo transformation.

3) Reproducibility Problems

The internet browser, Firefox modified it’s logo with changes in color contrast, decreased fur detail, and enhanced curve detail in order for a better visual at decreased sizes.

4) Name Change

Rubert Murdoch, founder of 20th Century Fox decided to update the film studio’s name to 21st Century Fox. In accordance to the name change, the logo was also altered.

The logo is one of the first things that your audience sees when buying your product or interacting with your business. The logo strengthens our perception and relationship with the brands that we interact with daily. Take cola for example: when we want or think of the refreshing taste of crisp cola, as consumers we automatically think of our favorite brands. Chances are, the image of a hip blue can of Pespi-Cola or the classic red can of Coke-a-Cola comes to mind. The never-ending debate of which cola taste better would come to a halting stop if both companies changed their logo and branding strategy; leaving their consumers confused and angry.

Without a doubt, there are many instances that call for a logo change/ redesign but be sure to first ask WHY. Even a quick online survey to your audience can help make your decision an easier one.

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