Globalization To Personalization

by Infinity Concepts | Jun 17, 2015 | Digital

The term “technology” is a loaded term that implies a bit of a paradox.  The realm of cyberspace, for example, is a seemingly infinite, endless abyss of possibilities.  You could live multiple lifetimes and probably never see half of what technology has to offer; but that same technology allows you to directly communicate with someone across the world.  In short, technology aids both globalization and personalization.

So how can marketers capitalize on technological advances?  With an infinite reach it would seem as if marketers have the potential to pitch a product, service, or idea to anyone on earth with a smart phone or Internet access.  But, as technology grows, it requires marketers to adjust their thinking and devolve more personalized plans.

Localize, regionalize, individualize

There’s no such thing as a global marketing plan, but the growing trend of technology will force marketers to change their strategies.  The days of a centralized structure are coming to an end, as marketers will look towards establishing themselves on a more hyper-local level.  By testing local audiences, marketers will be able to determine what works, where it works, and how to trim the fat off of those who aren’t receptive to a message.

Don’t homogenize

With so much information about people available today, there’s almost no excuse for failing to capitalize on this data.  Demographics have been expanded from a simple geographic study to determining what people buy, where they buy it, and how much they’re willing to spend on similar items.  People are always seeking how a product can benefit them, and in 2015 these potential benefits (or downfalls) are amplified by social media.


Did you know 53% of people are more likely to purchase when a brand personalizes digital communications?  Obviously, people want to feel like the product they are buying positively impacts them, but they also want the company to take an interest in their needs.  By conveying a more personal message, it creates a more intimate relationship between the marketer and the consumer.

Embrace the process

Tracking millions of customers and gauging their likeliness to engage in a conversion isn’t an easy process, but it’s certainly a worthwhile endeavor.  In the long run, taking an individual approach to marketing allows an organization to ascertain a more narrow set of specific customer needs, rather than shooting blindly at a large customer base.  An individual campaign allows marketers to find people who are more likely to purchase their products and eliminate those who won’t.  Although the process is tedious, the results are very rewarding.

The way marketing is conducted is changing.  The range of technological mediums and the infinite size of cyberspace allow marketers to target more specific subsets of the population to maximize the efficiency of their campaigns.  Targeting individuals is key to producing the best results.

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