The Decline of Organic Reach: Instagram Introduces New Algorithm

by Infinity Concepts | Apr 19, 2016 | Digital

Instagram took the social media world by storm when it introduced its image-centered platform. Now that it has been acquired by Facebook, it comes as no surprise that it is starting to follow in the footsteps of its new owner.instagram

If you have noticed recently, your Instagram feed has started to look a lot different and the people you normally follow are now asking you to click on the three dots next to their post to ensure they show up on your feed.  Remember EdgeRank? Yes, Instagram took a page from Facebook and developed a new algorithm that determines the order users will see posts on their Instagram feed.

What’s different?

Previously Instagram had displayed posts in reverse-chronological order with the most recent ones appearing on top. With over 400 million active users, Instagram’s claim is that the old display made it more difficult for users to keep up with the overflow of content posted by the accounts they follow. Now, users will predominantly see content that Instagram deems “relevant” to you based on factors such as whether the post came from someone close to you or how you have responded to similar posts. Cough cough… EdgeRank!

How does it impact brands?

In this new model, the number of followers a brand has will become decreasingly important in weight. Instead, mirroring EdgeRank, engagement will rule in this saturated content jungle!

There is no more posting an image solely because you can rely on your large following to do the work for you. Now brands will need to make a strategic effort to create content that followers will want to interact with in order to expand their reach. Finally, smaller businesses will have an opportunity to compete with the major corporations that have dominated this platform.

Also, the decline in organic reach has opened Instagram’s ability to monetize its platform through its new advertisement feature. Through Facebook’s ad platform, brands will have the opportunity to better access their target market.


The jury is still out on how users will adapt to the new look of their Instagram feed. Regardless, there has been no better time than now for brands to step up their Instagram strategic efforts to ensure their content is being seen!


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