Giving Your Old Content a New Life

by Infinity Concepts | Sep 19, 2017 | Public Relations

One of the fun things about public relations is getting to tell our clients’ stories and seeing how they resonate and even deeply impact the reader. As PR professionals, we sometimes are able to sit back, let our minds wander, and allow a new way for a story to develop. We get to place ourselves in the minds of our readers and work to determine what is the angle that will engage and inspire them to take action.

Great stories can come from many different places, however. And, one of the most under-utilized ways is to repurpose your organization’s own existing content. This content can come in the form of a podcast or radio show, maybe a great guest on your TV show, or even a testimonial from a consumer, or social media post. You just need to pay attention.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Content, as well as story ideas, can come in many different forms and from many different channels. Your organization is probably extremely busy in its day-to-day activities with a lot of people moving in various directions. Of course, you are not trained to look for those opportunities as you quickly move through your day. And, the people in those departments certainly are not thinking of you and your efforts. So, you will need to train yourself to look for these opportunities.

Know What You’re Looking For

You may read a great quote, or hear about an inspiring new initiative, but those may not be enough to lead to a great and fully developed story. Think it through completely before you leap. Take all of the steps in storytelling that you typically do. Do not be tempted to skip steps just because someone else has already done some of the heavy lifting.

Make Additions

There’s a great story being told, but it is time to ask yourself if it can be told better. Or, maybe it feels a bit incomplete. You need to ask yourself what angles might add dimension to the story or be a supporting voice for the subject.

Don’t Forget Where You Came From

If there is an opportunity to supplement your story with the original content, take advantage of the content! Whether it is an audio clip, a video or even a quote, be sure to make full use of it. These key pieces add depth and life to your story so do not forget to repurpose those as well.

Come Together

Now that your story is complete, it is time to put it to use. Ensure that your story and the original content work hand in hand and aren’t competing with each other. This is certainly not the point of the exercise. Whether you are using it for a pitch, or using it on your own platforms in some way, the components are more powerful together than apart — so work together with your other departments to deliver a cohesive message.

Content that has already been curated and created by your organization can save you time and often provide a story you weren’t aware of. However, resist the instinct to quickly push it out the door in the same form and format as the original. Let your mind wander and strategize to bring the story new life!


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