Don’t Discount Traditional Media Too Quickly

by Paul McDonald | Dec 12, 2017 | Media

With all the media options available today for promoting your product or ministry, it can become overwhelming trying to figure out what will give you the most return for your dollar. Certainly, digital media tends to stand head and shoulders above the crowd these days with its ability to exactly pinpoint the right audience, and generally, it can sometimes be quite a bit lower in cost than other media options, but don’t sell traditional media short too quickly.

For example: television. Recent studies have shown that television is still one of the best media for creating, building, and growing brands. Due to the very nature of television, with its moving images and sound, brand images tend to stay alive longer in the minds of the audience than a simple image on digital media would. And television has changed. We now talk about multi-platform television, including tablet, smart phone, and PC viewing as well, with tradition television dubbed as “linear.”

As for radio, a recent Nielsen survey showed that Millennials—that all important 18-34-year-old age group—listen to more radio than any other age group. According to another survey done by Katz Radio Group, radio was most often cited as a catalyst for purchases from advertising for this same age group.

Print still has a lot to offer as well. It has been said that what makes print ads valuable is the nearly undivided attention that readers give to print, rather than multi-tasking like they do when consuming digital content. Print can still be essential in creating awareness for your product or ministry.

One of the keys to a good advertising plan is synergy. It’s the ability to purchase the right mix of media that will target your audience in order to have your message in front of them on multiple platforms, and thereby having a stronger presence in the market. Statistics have shown that average ROI (return on investment) can be increased when several media options are combined.

So, next time you’re thinking about doing some advertising, consider all the media that are available to you, and then pick the best combination that will give you the best results.

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