The Surprising Benefits of Repurposing Content

by Christine Johns | Jan 30, 2018 | Creative, Digital, Media

We all have days when the content creation machine isn’t working at peak efficiency. You’re supposed to brainstorm with your team, but you’re grappling for ideas. You want something fresh, but all that comes to you is tired, boring, and unoriginal.

Don’t force it. There’s another way. And it can save you time and energy. After all, who wants to work harder when you can work smarter?

Introduce repurposing into your content marketing strategy.

Content repurposing is more than just finding new ways to recycle your existing content. Rather, it involves taking an original, evergreen piece of content and giving it new life by changing the format or altering the perspective. It sounds self-explanatory but let me take it a step further.

What constitutes a repurposed piece of content versus a revamped one? Here’s an example: let’s say you created a downloadable resource for an email acquisition campaign that has been performing well. If you revamp it, you’d simply update it and use it for the same purpose that was originally intended. If you want to repurpose it, then you’re doing one of two things (or possibly both): changing the intended audience for the content and/or changing the format of the content. In other words, you could use the resource as the foundation for a series of blog posts, an infographic, an instructional video…the list goes on.

While the practice of repurposing isn’t new, it does have some surprising benefits which can increase your productivity and efficiency, and also lower costs and expand your reach. The benefits don’t stop there:

  1. It makes your research go further. Perhaps you invested hours of research for one piece of original work, such as a blog post. Repurposing gives you the ability to leverage your hard work and expand it to other relevant projects, like a video or a podcast.
  2. It allows you to drive traffic through cross-promotion. You can cross-promote your repurposed content across multiple channels. For example, you can include links in your podcast show notes to a blog or video about the same topic. This serves to reinforce your brand and increases conversion.
  3. It expands the life cycle of your content. With vast quantities of content being churned out daily, there is the potential your audience might miss something. When you repurpose content across multiple platforms, you not only increase the chances your audience will see it, but you extend its life cycle for years to come.
  4. It allows you to speak to different audiences. Repurposing allows you to appeal to multiple audiences with a variety of content preferences. Your audience will be comprised of multiple personas—people who respond differently to the content you share. For example, if you’ve created a brilliant Facebook post with tons of engagement, you can use the topic as the subject of a blog post for the segment of your audience that enjoys reading, or a podcast for another segment of your audience that prefers to listen to your content.

In summary, repurposing can be a highly effective way to make the most of your content. To make it even more effective, incorporate a repurposing plan into your content marketing strategy. You can brainstorm how a central idea can produce numerous content pieces, each appealing to a different audience.

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