Embrace Your Uniqueness

by Jason Dreistadt | Jun 29, 2018 | Branding, Leadership, Public Relations

Our family loves Chick-fil-A. I mean, really loves Chick-fil-A. I think the peanut oil runs through our veins. When we get in the car to go anywhere, the kids ask, “Are we going to Chick-fil-A?” Maybe that says a little too much about our eating habits, but nonetheless, it’s a big part of our family.

One of the key distinctives about Chick-fil-A is that they are closed on Sunday. When Truett Cathy opened his first restaurant, he made this decision so that their employees can “rest and tend to ideals he deemed more important than business.” And I don’t think it’s hurt business one bit.  They’ve found success in their uniqueness.

But it is something that has been in effect since 1946.  It’s part of the CFA culture. And it is a part of our family’s culture. If our youngest asks if we are going to Chick-fil-A on Sunday, the two older kids automatically respond, “No, Chick-fil-A is closed on Sunday.” It is something that has been repeated to them consistently over the years and that brand has been established in their minds. That uniqueness has become ingrained.

SIDE NOTE: When our daughter was younger, her favorite day of the week was Saturday… her logic was based on this: she is only allowed to have Pop-Tarts on weekends and Chick-fil-A is closed on Sunday. Therefore, by her logic on Saturday she can have Pop Tarts and Chick-fil-A is open. Even if we don’t go to Chick-fil-A on Saturday, she likes the day better simply because she knows it is open. Actual conversation!

Back to branding. That distinctive quality has made a difference not only within their organization, but also in how it is perceived by the public. They have translated a core value into a measurable Branding Point. Branding points are defined as every place that your organization touches the public. This creates your overall brand impression. Depending on how well you are executing your brand, this will create a positive, or sometimes negative, impression. By bringing all of the branding points into alignment, you can increase your perception in the community.

Now, I need to go get some waffle fries…

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