Knowledge is Power…and Influence!

by Infinity Concepts | Jun 1, 2018 | Consulting, Creative, Leadership, Public Relations

In today’s culture we are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of opinions and insights bombarding us from multiple media channels. So, you might ask yourself why you should add your voice to the already crowded marketplace with another thought…

The answer is because YOUR INSIGHT IS VALUABLE!

Your voice will not only shape the world’s perception of YOU – but it will shape the world’s perception of your organization as well.

As a leader, you possess valuable insight on what makes you and your organization distinctive and successful. You have gracefully executed years of listening more than talking, being the last one to leave the office, and learning by trial and error to get you to where you are today. You are a seasoned veteran in your field and your experiences are unique and beneficial to others. SHARE THEM!

Finding time to devote to this thought leadership campaign is the most frequent challenge. Sharing the wisdom of experience often falls to the bottom of the priority list, but you have important insights to share — make communication a priority!

Communicating your insights and demonstrating your expertise is imperative to build affinity and inspire engagement with your organization and should be considered a vital component of your organization’s brand awareness efforts.

Eight Tips for sharing your expertise:

  1. Be practical. Offer helpful insights. There is no need to simply let everyone know how smart you are.
  2. Be direct. Speak directly to your donors or customers. What you say should be valuable to them.
  3. Be thoughtful. Do not feel that you have to stay specifically in your industry when offering your views. You are more than just your organization’s mission. However, remember your audience and their stance on certain topics.
  4. Be creative. Utilize multiple channels. Twitter is perfect for directly communicating with others and sharing ideas. Blogs are an opportunity to express more in-depth ideas and viewpoints. Maybe video is where you excel. Experiment and see what feels right for you.
  5. Be consistent. Communicate regularly, but do not feel as though you have to stick to a strict schedule. If you have input on someone else’s post, or have a thought on a current event, do not feel confined to an editorial calendar. But be sure your voice is consistently being heard.
  6. Be accurate. You may have to back up what you say. Remember that nothing ever truly goes away anymore. With that in mind, you may be asked to elaborate on something or show data or proof from a statement you make.
  7. Be intentional. Why are you posting? Do not take it too seriously, but have a purpose behind what you are stating.
  8. Be yourself. Allow your personality to shine through in your communications. You are passionate about what you do and allowing others to see that passion will encourage them to buy in as well.

By sharing your insights, you position yourself and your organization as a valuable and trusted part of your supporters’ lives. The less evident result is that you help to grow others by passing on your knowledge, creating a legacy from the insight you share.

Let Infinity Concepts help you establish an effective thought leadership campaign.

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