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by Infinity Concepts | Jun 14, 2019 | Branding, Consulting, Creative

We all have our own ideas when it comes to creating a visual representation of who we are.  I am often asked to take pictures of people because they know that I tend to capture the kind of image they  hope to post.  Especially ladies… They react well when I lift their phone in the air to have a higher angle and give them lots of options.

The same is true when I go through the creative process.  I know exactly what I see in my mind, but no one can see into my mind for the exact representation of what I imagine.  This is why I generally avoid films made of my favorite books. They just never get the characters or setting the way I envisioned them.  A filmmaker cannot create exactly what I see in my mind. I am just one person — and everyone envisions differently. However, an experienced and imaginative creative person can do just that when I need a visual created for a marketing or digital campaign.

I will never forget the first time I sat down with someone with this expertise.  She did not have a problem with the tidal wave of words that came as she asked me pointed questions about the motivation behind the image I needed created.  Most of our conversation was spent on the “why”, so that she could digest exactly what I was envisioning.  She provided the “how” and the “what”.

She took my words and created an image that was beyond my imagination.  I felt as if she had found the file I could see in my mind and brought it into the world.  It gave me an even deeper appreciation for the creative process, and why it is so important to have a hand that cares behind the creation. There is only so far you can go without the human touch.  The image she created ended up being the focal point of my initiative and went a long way in the communication of the message I needed to convey to my audience.

We live in a visual society, and we must adjust to the changes, needs, and desires of our audiences.  A good creative team who can bring ideas to life is a worthy investment.  Find a creative partner who can bring your ideas to life.

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