You Can Do It! Content Creation Tools for Non-Designers

by Christine Johns | Jan 3, 2020 | Creative, Digital

I have been a designer for over twenty years. Much of what I have learned has come through asking questions, studying the technique of other designers, and making lots of mistakes. When I first started on the path to become a designer, I spent hours working on layout paste-ups and cropping photos with nothing but an orange wax pencil, precision knife, and an actual cropping tool—which is a wonder in itself. Just for kicks, do a web search for the term “cropping tool,” and you will see what I mean. I still have one, and I framed it.

Eventually, I became classified as a “desktop publisher” and learned to translate these layouts into digital form. I cut my teeth on Aldus PageMaker—which was eventually acquired by Adobe—and read countless books, magazines, and web articles for tips about good design. Even today, I am endlessly inspired by the work of my colleagues and contemporaries, and they drive me to go beyond my reach as a designer.

Bottom line—the learning never ends. And while some of us are born artists, it does not mean non-designers cannot turn out amazing content. If you have ever admired a competitor’s content and wished you could do the same…now you can.

Here is a list of some of the best tools for content creation that are robust and filled with great features, but also easy for use by non-designers. In fact, I use these tools daily. So, if you fit the non-designer description, or you already dabble in design, these tools can add a needed boost to your content strategy.

1. Canva

Canva easily leads the pack as a full-featured, multi-level solution for designers and non-designers who may not have the time to create content using more conventional design tools (i.e. Adobe Suite). It offers a free subscription to users and has a plethora of options, including a full suite of features, fonts, icons, images, and shapes.

Canva also has a comprehensive database of design how-to articles and ideas for inspiration. A full subscription adds more premium services, such as the ability to add motion to graphics, incorporate video, Canva printing services, and more. And if you want a few more reasons to try Canva, they respond to user-suggestions, have a quick support turnaround time, and add new features regularly.

If you want a feature-packed, easy-to-use, cloud-based application that allows you to make just about any graphic you can imagine, give Canva a try.

2. Crello

Sometimes touted as a Canva alternative, Crello has features that mirror Canva, such as the ability to create content for virtually all types of digital and print media, but Crello’s real strength lays in its wealth of premium elements for user-generated content. From stock video clips to slick animations, Crello has the edge when it comes to movement. Pair these benefits with a very competitive monthly fee for the Pro version (free version is also available), and you have a powerful toolkit.

Crello has an updated interface that is simple to navigate, and it also comes with responsive support, helpful articles, and YouTube “how-to” videos.

3. Kapwing

If you are looking for a free online image and video editing platform that is packed with amazing features and is a “watermark-free zone”, then you need to discover Kapwing. Its vision is simple: to make media production an “intuitive, accessible task, not a full-time profession.” Created by two former Google staffers and amateur video creators who wanted to develop software for people who were not experienced in professional editing software, Kapwing is used by major brands as well as freelancers, artists, students, and influencers, and is completely free to use. If you opt to upgrade to its pro version, it allows a larger file upload limit, as well as a longer storage time for content, and you can access all tools and premium features.

Take a look at Kapwing’s comprehensive resource page, filled with helpful design tips, articles, and answers to questions about how to make best use of the software.

In short, you do not have to be a professional designer in order to turn out amazing content, and there are many more tools appearing on the market that reflect that demand. These tools offer a simple, affordable way to enhance your content marketing goals, and learn about the design process along the way.

You can do it!

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