Emojis: A Powerful Marketing Tool

by Christine Johns | Apr 17, 2020 | Branding, Creative, Digital

Embedded somewhere in your smartphone you will find the ubiquitous world of emojis.

These days, it is hard to imagine what life is like without them, particularly in the ways we interact with one another on social media or digital messaging. Now widely considered to be a cultural phenomenon, emojis offer an alternative way to communicate the nuances of human emotion in a light and nonthreatening manner.

[Recently, I discovered there was a film made in 2017, aptly titled “The Emoji Movie.” I asked our resident movie aficionado if he had seen it, and he said that it was “better than expected.” You can be the judge. And just a heads up: a sequel is scheduled for July 2020.]

And while you may use them on a personal level to illustrate your current mood or your sudden craving for pizza, believe it or not, emojis can be particularly useful in your social media content.

As early as five years ago, businesses and organizations would not have given an ounce of consideration about using emojis in their marketing strategy. Now, approximately 92% of all internet users regularly utilize emojis. They have become the norm.

So, should your business or organization use emojis as part of your social media content strategy?

Consider this—if you offer a product or a service that does not lend itself to the lighthearted tone of emojis, or if you feel your audience would not respond positively, then you should probably steer clear of using them. On the flip side, emojis can greatly enhance your messaging. Emojis are:

  • Almost universally understood
  • Relatable among most audiences
  • Easily and widely shared

If you decide to use emojis to bolster your message on social media, keep these principles in mind before you start. Having a simple usage plan in place can help you avoid costly errors in the long run.

Use emojis sparingly.

Emojis can convey meaning and add clarity to your social media posts, which can also increase engagement. Resist the temptation to flood your messages with too many emojis. It can make your posts seem forced and can confuse and possibly annoy your audience.

Research emoji meanings.

Emojis can have multiple meanings, depending on the audience you are targeting. Take time to research a particular emoji before using it to avoid a potentially embarrassing mistake.

Pick a few key emojis to make a part of your brand.

Choose a few emojis that align with your brand’s voice and begin using them consistently in your social media content. Doing this creates an association between your audience and your message, helping your brand to stand out.

For example, perhaps you have a charitable organization that runs a coffee house. Use the coffee (or tea, cocoa) emoji  ☕  in your social media post to emphasize your mission.

Fun (and useful!) emoji links

  1. If you want a resource that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about every sort of emoji available on every operating system, Emojipedia is a storehouse of information .
  2. Emojirequest is helpful if you want to see what emojis other people would like to see released. You can also vote on them.
  3. See real time emoji use at Emojistats.

Using emojis in social media is a great way to add personality to your posts, connect with your audience, and encourage engagement.

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