Integrated Brand Communication Agency Launches New Digital Advertising Platform

by Infinity Concepts | Jan 29, 2021 | Press Releases

EXPORT, PA – Infinity Concepts, an integrated brand communications agency, has launched Inspire Ads, a new digital advertising platform focused on the Christian community.

Inspire Ads Remnant Advertising enables publishers to maximize their advertising revenue while utilizing proprietary, biblically based, content-sensitive filtering to safely deliver relevant and high-quality ads. The platform also provides transparency and reporting.

“Most publishers have unsold digital advertising inventory that could be monetized,” stated Andy Walker, Infinity Concepts’ Director of Integrated Communications. “Our goal is to offer a Remnant Advertising product that maximizes revenue for our clients while preserving the integrity and purpose of their website.”

“What sets Inspire Ads apart from the other ad platforms is our biblically-based, content-sensitive filtering,” stated Mark Dreistadt, Infinity Concepts’ Founder and President. “Our team specializes in reaching the Christian community. This platform, combined with our wealth of experience in this niche, allows us to provide advertising opportunities beyond what many publishers have been able to access previously.”

Inspire Ads Audience Extension provides publishers with the ability to aggregate their website visitors and offer advertisers the ability to reach their unique audience on third-party websites across the web, paired with big-data filtering to reach even more defined segments of their audience.

The Inspire Ads Network currently reaches over three million Christians online, providing a highly targetable, cost-effective advertising platform to engage the Christian audience.

For additional information about Inspire Ads, please visit InspireAds.co or contact Andy Walker, Director of Integrated Communications at andy@infinityconcepts.com or 724.930.2809.

About Infinity Concepts

Founded in 2002, Infinity Concepts is an integrated brand communications agency that helps their clients inspire people of faith into action through consulting, branding, creative, fundraising, public relations, traditional media, and digital media. Infinity Concepts serves clients across America and around the world. For more information, visit www.infinityconcepts.com.

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