The Changing Face of Public Relations

by Infinity Concepts | Apr 9, 2021 | Public Relations

When I studied Public Relations in college, social media was just beginning to make its mark on our society. It has truly been amazing to watch how social media has evolved over time and how beneficial and necessary it has become in marketing and public relations communications.

In an age when digital communications is king and tele-living is the norm, Public Relations professionals have had to change the way we communicate. Face-to-face happens over video calls and writing is mostly digital. And now the easiest way to form and build relationships with an audience is through social media channels.

So, how has social media changed the face of Public Relations?

A New Definition of Success
Earned Media is no longer limited to just TV, radio, or magazines. Online publications, blogs, and social media hits can be just as successful. Facebook LIVE is a common platform for interviews along with podcasts and YouTube videos. Social media makes the push to share your message with your target audience and beyond almost effortless.

Though each social platform is different, and their audience reach varies, I am certain there are plenty that will complement your organization and your message.

Find Opportunities
Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are great for finding media opportunities and reaching journalists. Easily access what topics they cover and what needs they might have. There might be an outlet out there that is perfect for your organization that you may have missed in the past. Instagram is a great place to follow, reach, and form potentially long-lasting relationships with influencers.

This type of research can be a bit tedious, but social media offers you the most up-to-date information in real time.

The World Is Your Oyster
Social media allows you to reach almost anyone you want. Whether you desire to target a specific demographic or interest, or ensure your message reaches the appropriate outlets and audience, it is hard to find anyone who is not active on at least one social platform these days. And it might be even harder to find an organization without at least some type of social media presence.

Realistically, if you want it, you will find it.

And the same can be said for you and your organization. Make yourself available. Social media allows each of us to create our own buzz, so why not use it to draw others to you? Cultivate your own media channel of sorts and formulate the audience you want.

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