Four Ways to Grow Your Email List Using Social Media Advertising

by Andy Walker | May 28, 2021 | Digital, Media

With the major changes in digital marketing and technology over the past decade, many expected the effectiveness of email marketing in fundraising to falter. However, this aging marketing channel continues to maintain its place as an essential tool for any organization to communicate with their audience and raise funds. If you’re looking into donor acquisition or retention, then there are few better tools than an email fundraising campaign. On average, the return on investment (ROI) on a $1 investment in email marketing is $42 (Litmus), which makes this method worthwhile even if your organization doesn’t have a significant budget for marketing.

But to have an effective email fundraising program, you have to have an email list of people who are interested in connecting with your cause. While email marketing is often the most effective channel for acquiring new donors, paid social media advertising is hands down the most effective platform to grow your subscriber base, with Facebook Ads leading the way.

Here are four social media advertising campaign ideas for email acquisition:

1. Petitions/Pledges
Developing an email acquisition campaign centered around a petition or pledge that connects to a cause your organization focuses on is a great way to generate new email subscribers that are interested in the work of your organization. When developing your campaign, remember that petitions are trying to change something while pledges are affirming current beliefs. Test which option generates the best cost-per-acquisition for your organization.

2. Free Checklist or Guide
One of the most common tools for email acquisition campaigns are offering free checklists or guides in exchange for an email address. The biggest key to success with this type of campaign is to be sure you’re providing specialized knowledge that can’t be found elsewhere, and create a resource so valuable your target audience will want it!

3. Digital and Printable Artwork
Creating beautiful phone and desktop backgrounds, as well as printable designs, are a unique and fun way to grow your subscriber base. For example, if you are a pastor, author, or speaker, consider creating artwork that features one of your most memorable quotes. In addition to growing your email list, it will also help increase your influence as a leader.

4. Polls
Running a poll is a great way to gain insight into where your target audience stands on a particular issue or subject while also providing you with an opportunity to generate new subscribers for your email list.

The most valuable takeaway from these strategies is to discover creative ways to provide value to your target audience and connect with them in a way that will be the foundation of a meaningful relationship with your organization.

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