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by Liane Palaschak | Jul 2, 2021 | Media

My last blog post focused on how audio marketing is making a comeback. You can read it here: https://www.infinityconcepts.com/2021/05/audio-marketing-is-making-a-comeback/

Facebook, the social media giant, is finally jumping on board, which according to some, has been a long time coming.

What can we expect in the next few months?

New audio creation tools are in the works. Voice morphing and speech-to-text will soon be a creation tool in the Facebook app. Also, music will soon be added to use in the background of your story. Think camera filters, but for audio, where you can edit and add sound effects.

Soundbites is a new feature that will allow Facebook users to create short audio clips, like the invite-only app Clubhouse (the live audio-only app). Soon, users will be able to use audio clips to share jokes, inspirational thoughts, and many other things. Soundbites is still in the testing phase, so it may be a while before it is rolled out to all users.

Live Audio Rooms is another new feature that Facebook is working on, and yet another Clubhouse competitor. They expect this to roll out starting this summer. Live Audio Rooms will initially be available to public figures, giving them the opportunity to host conversations with fans, and other public figures to bring significant conversations for everyone. Eventually users will have the ability to turn live audio conversations into podcasts to be listened to later.

Speaking of podcasts, they will soon be available to listen directly via the Facebook app. Facebook will be able to offer podcast recommendations based on a person’s interests and fans will be able to comment and recommend a series to friends. Currently, listening to a podcast means you need to open another app, but you will shortly be able to enjoy your favorite podcasts right from the Facebook app.

What does all this mean for creators?

Facebook knows the only way to make this work long-term is if these creators can make money. Facebook is working on several ways to do this: During the Live Audio Rooms, fans will be able to donate to causes they care about. Facebook is also looking to charge for a single purchase or a subscription fee to access the Live Audio Rooms. To help Soundbites get off and running, they are introducing an Audio Creator Fund.

As with everything, time will tell, but you can count on Infinity Concepts to keep you up to date!

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