SMS Marketing for Ministries: Five Stats You Need to Know

by Andy Walker | Jul 9, 2021 | Digital, Marketing

Text messaging (or SMS) has become the primary form of communication for many Americans, often more favorable than email and especially phone calls (don’t even think about leaving a voicemail!). This rise in popularity provides a unique and personal opportunity for ministries to connect with their audience. However, many organizations have yet to invest resources to grow an SMS list, let alone develop an effective strategy.

If this scenario feels all too familiar, take a few moments to consider the following five statistics that highlight why nonprofits should be investing in SMS marketing.

1. Smartphones are almost universal in the United States, with 85% of adults owning a smartphone. (Pew) As social media loses some of its trust among users, many of whom only access the platforms on mobile devices, ministries need to explore new opportunities for how they can connect with smartphone users in a meaningful way.

2. On average, 66% of Americans check their smartphones 160 times per day. (Small Business Trends) Yes, you read that correctly. We previously established that the overwhelming majority of Americans own a smartphone but now it’s clear just how often they are using their device … and it’s a lot.

3. SMS marketing messages have a 98% open rate. (Gartner) With over half of Americans checking their smartphone once every nine minutes, it should be no surprise that open rates are through the roof.

4. 58.7% of smartphone users read their text messages within 5 minutes. (SimpleTexting) Not only are messages being opened, but they are also being read quickly.

5. SMS click-through rates are significantly higher than email. (M+R Benchmarks) SMS fundraising messages have 6.3% CTR (email: 1.7% CTR) and SMS advocacy messages have a 10% CTR (email: 3.3% CTR).

Like all communication channels, SMS marketing has its own best practices and should be approached strategically. However, with its expansive user base and increased levels of engagement, your ministry or nonprofit should begin actively exploring how you can leverage SMS marketing to support your mission and calling.

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Andy Walker

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