First Impressions—Why a Press Kit Is Important

by Infinity Concepts | Sep 3, 2021 | Public Relations

There is a well-known adage, “you only get one chance to make a first impression.” One. Positive first impressions are important and can make or break an individual or organization with the media.

One of the best ways that you or your organization can make a strong first impression is with a digital press kit. A press kit provides the media or any desired target audience with the most important facts and figures and clear definition of your overall brand and message. It is an opportunity to build trust and credibility and share the most important aspects of your message in one place.

Press kits are a common piece of the public relations puzzle and highly effective in overall PR strategy. A press kit allows you to highlight all the information that the media might want or need to develop a story or schedule an interview.

Your press kit should include the following items as they apply to you or your organization:

  • Organization media contact information and/or spokesperson(s)
  • Organization background/brief history (boilerplate information)
  • Leadership bios and headshots
  • Organization logo
  • Social links
  • Organization/product/service fact sheet
  • Link to recent or important press releases
  • Industry awards and noteworthy press coverage
  • Video links to past interviews

Post the digital press kit on your organization’s website to make it easily accessible. It is also common practice to create a condensed PDF version of your kit to email or print as needed or requested. This can also be updated or tailored for a specific audience or to promote a special event. Keep your online press kit current and up to date by adding links to current coverage or interviews. Also, update leadership bios as staff change, highlight all upcoming events or new product launches, and keep current with your overall brand.

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