Reasons to Add Radio and Podcasts to Your PR Strategy

by Infinity Concepts | Dec 24, 2021 | Public Relations

When I first started in PR, my team considered successful earned media for a client as booked television interviews and articles published online or in print. These days, however, I view PR campaign success a bit differently. Television and articles continue to be a common strategy and overall goal, but our priority has made a shift toward radio and podcast outlets.

Why? Here are a handful of reasons why we target radio and podcast outlets when sending out pitches for our clients:

The Audience
Radio and podcast outlets allow us to connect with captive audiences both large and small that we may not be able to reach otherwise. These listeners are engaged for an hour or more. These targeted audiences have a shared interest, geographic location, or varied demographics. Often, we find that these outlets are the perfect fit for our pitch topic and client.

Strong Storytelling
Public Relations strategy is only as strong as its story. Radio and podcast outlets offer guests an opportunity to share their story. Television segments are often shorter in length, while radio and podcast interviews tend to be a bit longer. A longer segment allows a stronger opportunity for a quality connection with the audience and a chance to share more information than you might otherwise.

Connect Virtually from Anywhere
These days, most radio and podcast interviews are audio only and if not recorded live, can be prerecorded. No travel required. Plus, in this new Zoom video world we live in, there is something oddly appealing about recording an interview from the comfort of home by phone or audio connection without the pressure of perfect hair or makeup.

Find Your Niche
Podcasts especially tend to have a brand or niche all their own. Topics ranging from marriage to sports to anything and everything in between. When a client’s platform fits a certain podcast or radio show’s niche, it only makes sense to pitch them as a guest.

A Local Connection
In any market, radio is the local community voice. It is one of the easiest ways to connect with a specific geographic community. Local radio outlets are a fantastic way to promote an event or discuss a topic that impacts a specific community.

When interview placement is part of your PR strategy, do not forget to pitch radio and podcast outlets. They just might be the media you need to reach the right audience.

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