A New Generation of Consumers

by Paul McDonald | Jan 28, 2022 | Media

There is a new generation of consumers on the rise: Generation Alpha. This group, whose name was coined by Australian-based social researcher Mark McCrindle, was born from 2010 through 2024, mostly to millennial parents, and follows Generation Z.

Who Is Generation Alpha?
Generation Alpha have already shown some significant signs of the type of consumers they will be. They tend to be very environmentally conscious, and as a result, some companies like Mattel are already developing products that are more eco-friendly to accommodate this group.

Generation Alpha is also very socially conscious and have no problem in involving themselves in activism. They are growing up in a culture where a global pandemic has left its mark on every aspect of life, and this group has no problem in responding to this crisis with sacrifices and activism.

And, of course, Generation Alpha is more technologically savvy than previous generations. The year that marked their beginning was also the year that Apple introduced the iPad, the device that many of these children have been using regularly in the last 18 months for everything from virtual school to playdates and social media. These children follow social media influencers, kids their own age, like Ryan Kaji of Ryan’s World on YouTube. Media forms and shapes them and their opinions. One observer stated, “They live online because they haven’t had the opportunity to live anywhere else.”

One of the interesting trends that is being observed in contrast to the online persona of this generation is that fact that sensory toy items are becoming the rage with this group. Items like fidgets, pop-its, slime, and putty are all very popular right now. It’s been theorized that although these children are constantly online, there is an underlying desire for real-world experience and toys that are tactile are helping to fill this bill.

Mental health has recently been at the forefront of awareness for so many people whose lifestyles have been affected by our pandemic culture. These young ones are also dealing with these issues and looking to role models like Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka to show them that it’s okay to take care of your mental health.

Finally, this generation looks for authenticity in what they support. Brands that make promises better be sure to keep those promises because these kids are noticing.

Generation Alpha is only on the horizon for future consumer marketing, but already, they are making clear the kind of marketing that works for them. And these trends will only grow as this generation reaches maturity.

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