The 3 Most Important Questions to Answer Before You Write Your Next Story for Fundraising

by Infinity Concepts | Jan 21, 2022 | Digital, Fundraising

You probably already know that storytelling can be one of the most effective tools in your fundraising toolbox. Nonprofit storytelling is one of the most powerful tools to attract and motivate donors. A story can spur someone to take action because suddenly the cause is more than just an abstract idea—it’s a real situation affecting real people.

Storytelling puts a face to those being impacted instead of referring to an impersonal group. Supporters form genuine connections with your cause and will be more willing to help. A deep emotional connection is a strong motivator to not only donate, but to become the ultimate champion for an organization: a loyal donor, fundraiser, and lifetime supporter.

Before you write your next story for a fundraising email, letter or social media post, there are 3 critical questions that you MUST answer.

What do I want my reader to think?
This is the easy part. These are the facts about the situation. What is the need? Who are you helping? How are you helping?

What do I want my reader to feel?
This is arguably the most important question. People give when they are moved by emotion. The stronger the emotion, the more likely that they will give. Do you want them to feel heartbreak over a devastating event? Anger over an injustice? Clearly define what you want your reader to feel (and then do your best to feel that emotion yourself).

What do I want my reader to do?
Clearly define exactly what you want your reader to do. This is your call to action. Use action words. There’s a reason it’s called a call to action. We want people to act, so use compelling and powerful verbs. Give. Donate. Change. Fight.

Writing a great story for fundraising can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you answer these 3 key questions, you’re ready to write a compelling story that will move people to support your nonprofit.

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