Too many hats

by Infinity Concepts | Feb 4, 2022 | Leadership

As busy, creative people working with purpose, we all wear too many hats.

“If I could just find someone to handle all the sales, I could get back to work.”

“Do we have someone who can do the weekly reports?”

“Why do I have to spend time doing data cleanup; I want to get back to creating.”

Maybe it is because we do not like that hat, or maybe it is because it does not fit us well and it feels uncomfortable. Whatever the reason is, we all have a hat we would rather NOT wear. For it is this hat, of course, that prevents us from being brilliantly more efficient and effective in our work!

There are two important takeaways from the hats lesson:

  1. It probably does not pay to spend a lot of your day wishing away a hat. If the work’s important, you might need to get good at it.
  2. The person you eventually find to work on these tasks is most likely to be like you, someone who is learning and growing as they go. They are on their way to being a superstar, but they are not there yet. Hunker down—you can get there together.

At the end of the day, you will probably always have some aspects of work that you do not like or that is difficult for you. Focus your energies on finding the joy in the stretch and growth that happens in that challenging work!

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