One quick website hack to increase donations today

by Infinity Concepts | May 27, 2022 | Digital, Fundraising

What kind of calls to action do you use on your website and in your emails? And which ones really work? A call to action or CTA is a button or link that “calls” your customer or donor to do something or to respond in some way.

Far too many nonprofits and ministries use CTAs like “Learn more,” “Get Started,” or “Click Here” too often. Passive CTAs have a place, but not when you’re encouraging someone to give or purchase. They feel nice and polite, but they don’t often motivate people to DO something. If you believe in your mission, ministry or product, you can boldly ask them to support your work financially or make a purchase.

Let’s say you go to a website and it says, “Our ministry began in 1983 when our founder traveled to (name your country) and was moved by the problem of children who weren’t getting enough food to eat. Since then we’ve… Then the CTA button says, “Learn More.”

Then let’s say you go to another website and it says, “We’re solving the problem of childhood hunger in (name your country). Every day we provide 1,500 hot meals to starving children under age 12… And the call to action button says, “Donate Today.”

Which one moves you? Which one motivates you to give? Most people will be more likely to act on the direct call to action. The one that’s clear, confident and tells them exactly what you want them to do.

So, what makes a great call to action?

First, use action words. There’s a reason it’s called a call to action. We want people to act, so use compelling and powerful verbs. Give. Donate. Change. Fight.

Second, be concise. Use as few words as possible and keep it simple.

Third, explain the need. While keeping it short, make sure your website visitor knows exactly what you do. For example, instead of saying “Learn More,” try something like “Help end childhood hunger. Give today!”

Change the calls to action on your website and in your emails from passive to direct today. It may feel like you’re being aggressive. But that’s okay. By the time someone lands on your website or opens your email, they want to hear your pitch. Give it to them clearly.

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