2022 Fundraising Trends

by Infinity Concepts | Jun 10, 2022 | Fundraising

While every organization is different and has its own strategies, there are some fundraising tools that are trending that no one has the luxury to ignore anymore. Here are the top three fundraising trends to look out for in 2022.

  1. Virtual and Hybrid events

    COVID did not just move us into our home offices. It forever changed the way people engage. We expect now that almost every team meeting will have a Zoom link to participate virtually. Concerts and comedy shows continue to offer live streaming options—sometimes paid, others free. Audiences are learning to engage virtually through commenting and emojis. Church is still online for millions of people around the world. Online engagement with in-person events used to be an exception, but now it is the rule. Many donors may have a busy schedule but still want to support your organization, so it’s important to give them several means of access to your mission.

  1. Communication Agility

    Direct mail and email are not the only ways to communicate with donors anymore. As we mentioned above, video calls, small group events, and meet and greets are a great way to make your donors feel special. Consider engaging in text communications in addition to the other traditional forms. Make sure your social media messages and comments get responded to AND resolved, without using only an autoresponder. In this ever-changing landscape, nonprofits need to be agile in the ways they communicate, so they can better put their resources to work and engage with their supporters.

  1. Cryptocurrency Donations

    You’ve heard the words Bitcoin, NFT, etc., and you sense the buzz, but you’re not sure what it means for your organization. For an organization to accept cryptocurrency gifts, a digital platform or website plug-in will need to be incorporated. Some examples are The Giving Block, Engiven, or a WordPress plug-in like Cryptocurrency Donation Box can be added directly to your site. There are only a few ministries and nonprofits currently accepting crypto on their donation pages. For early adopters, this demonstrates your focus on innovation and emerging technology, and it opens the door to new funding sources. Although it will require some time and effort to incorporate crypto giving into your long-term growth strategy, it is a potentially rewarding venture that is worth exploring.

Regardless of your nonprofit’s mission, it’s important to keep track of emerging trends to see where you can improve. The three fundraising trends above are FREE, easy to implement, and will allow you to see positive change in your organization.

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