Throwing “pitches” that get hit every time

by Clem Boyd | Sep 9, 2022 | Public Relations

We might have a “home run” story, but how can we make sure it gets hit?

Hit the Strike Zone

If you use PR software, use two or three search terms to make sure you are hitting the right media prospects. Even if you might type, “Christian,” drill down further: Christian and Israel, Christian and health care, etc. The more focused, the better chance your pitch will hit the strike zone.

Know Your “Batter”

Commit to knowing the media. They are human beings with deadline demands, editorial directives, and personal passions and interests. They want to tell stories that matter.

From that massive database of media emails, glean 10 or 20 and send out individual emails introducing yourself and your organization. Ask if you might be able to talk over the phone or Zoom so you can understand their needs and send them useful story ideas. You might be surprised how many say, “Yes.”

Consider The “Curve”

Reporters are always looking for a “curve” or hook—the way the story connects with the public they’re trying to reach. Consider these potential news hooks that will hang your pitch over the plate:

Calendar – Think about certain holidays and seasons that offer ways for you to feature your organization: Veterans Day or 4th of July for a veterans’ group, October for cancer awareness.

Consequence – Events at the national or global stage have big impact. In 2020, it was COVID. Last year, it was the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Do you have stories to share related to the Big Story?

Commanding – Do you have a well-known name attached to your organization’s next event? You don’t need an A-list star. A local star, such as an athlete, news person, or public servant, may provide the boost you’re looking for.

Close ­ Anytime your national organization can angle your story to a particular community, do it. Target local media with a press release and offer your leading sources for interviews.

Considerable ­ Are you embarking on a huge campaign, expanding services, expecting a big crowd? Media love telling stories about scale.

Curious – “Dog called to testify at civil trial.” I wrote that piece while at a small daily newspaper. It was distributed nationwide. Find a story that is out of the ordinary and brings positive attention to your organization.

As you target story ideas more carefully, learn the needs of the media, and craft story ideas with a compelling hook, you will find that more of your pitches are getting hit over the fence and into the headlines.

Let Infinity Concepts help you throw hittable pitches.

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