Interactive Content—Your New Favorite Tool!

by Caitlin Curry | May 19, 2023 | Digital, Fundraising, Marketing, Social Media

As social beings, we are constantly looking for ways to be included, valued, and heard. Because of this innate need, interactive content has emerged as a powerful marketing tool that organizations can use to engage with their audiences, build relationships, and gather valuable data. Interactive content is anything that requires user participation like quizzes, polls, contests, and surveys. This type of content will boost audience engagement, increase website traffic, and drive leads.

Organizations should always be on the lookout for innovative ways to stand out in today’s crowded marketplaces. Interactive content is a powerful tool that can help achieve excellent results by creating content that provides users with a unique and engaging experience.

Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of using interactive content in your marketing strategy.

Benefit #1: Higher Audience Engagement

It allows users to participate in the content, keeping them involved and engaged. This type of content stands out in today’s crowded digital landscape, disrupting the traditional one-way communication flow by providing your audience with the opportunity to interact with you. This engagement level leads to increased awareness and a stronger connection between the user and your organization.

Benefit #2: Improved Data Collection

It provides valuable insights on the audience’s preferences, tastes, and needs, and it is vital to crafting a message that resonates well with them. With interactive content, organizations can gather feedback, measure preferences, and segment their audience based on their responses. These insights help drive better marketing efforts that are more targeted and in line with the audiences’ preferences.

Benefit #3: Increased Website Traffic

It’s shareable and easily distributed which helps to attract new leads and increase website traffic. As people interact with your content, they tend to share it, enhancing the organic reach of the content. As a result, organizations can grow their online presence, expand their reach, and drive more traffic to their website.

Benefit #4: Promotes Loyalty

This type of content provides a fun and engaging experience for your audience that naturally leads to positive associations with your organization’s brand. Once they engage with the content and experience it as a conversation rather than the usual push-marketing tactics, it creates a bond between you and the user. This connection leads to loyalty, which can help organizations acquire a more engaged audience that is more likely to support the organization in a financial manner—i.e., more donations!

Benefit #5: Helps Generate New Leads

When someone interacts with the content, they need to provide their email address or other contact information before participating. This data collection is great for building a database of potential new leads to target future marketing efforts.

The days of one-way communication with our audiences are behind us. As the digital marketing realm becomes a user’s top avenue for engagement, interactive calls to action are becoming a highly valuable tool you will want to keep in your toolbox. The marketplace is going to continue to become saturated, and a person will find an organization to support. Will it be yours?

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Caitlin Curry

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