Team Dynamics: The 4 Positions That Create An Effective Team

by Mark Dreistadt | Feb 2, 2012 | Consulting, Leadership

On every team different people have different roles – different positions. It is important to understand your position and your responsibilities in any team role.  In the workplace, there are four key positions on every team.

The 1st Position is the Creator

A creator is someone who thinks up something that no one ever thought of before. Whenever a Creator has a great idea they share it with all of their friends; they share it with other members of the team, and then say, “make it happen.” Most Creators do not have the ability to turn their idea into reality. They just want to see it completed.

The 2nd Member of the Team is the Advancer

This team member picks up where the Creator leaves off — like the second runner in a relay. He recognizes a good idea and says “give me the ball” and starts running. The Advancer moves the idea forward, step by step — transforming an abstract idea into tangible reality.

The 3rd Team Member is the Refiner

Soon the Advancer encounters the Refiner. The Refiner’s favorite word is “BUT” – “BUT did you think about…”; “BUT what if…”; “BUT we’re not ready…”. The Refiner’s passion is to make sure nothing goes wrong. Sometimes Advancers and Refiners have some challenges with one another. An Advancer wants to move the idea forward — and a Refiner wants to make sure that everything’s going to work BEFORE you move it forward. Once an Advancer and Refiner get on the same team and begin to work together, they make a powerful double-team.

The 4th and Final Position is the Executor

Once an idea travels from the Creator to the Advancer to the Refiner, the idea has now become tangible; the imperfections have been worked out; and the team is ready for the final hand-off to the Executor who implements the newly refined idea and starts seeing the results.

Every team needs four players. The Creator, the Advancer, the Refiner, and the Executor are all necessary to create a powerful and dynamic team.

Do you know which team dimensions fit you and your team members?

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Mark Dreistadt

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