Navigating Christian TV: Maximizing Impact through Effective Program Placement

by Mark Dreistadt | Dec 8, 2023 | Media

There are four essential factors that contribute to optimizing the placement of your program on Christian TV. It is crucial to remembe that each of these factors is important to obtain the best outcome for all parties involved.

1. AUDIENCE: Every programmer wants their program to be seen by as many people as possible. That is why they are using television in the first place. So, the audience is important. However, in Christian television, the audience is not as financially critical as in mainstream TV. Mainstream TV is advertiser driven, and the audience size directly dictates the rate the ads can sell for. The more audience, the more the ads are worth. But Christian TV is different, which brings us to the second factor.

2. RATE: The rate being charged for the time slot is a critical aspect of successful program placement. A reputable agency will calculate the cost per thousand households and compare it with other available opportunities. Since most Christian TV programmers work with limited media budgets, it is vital to get a good rate to reach your desired audience. Some outlets may determine their pricing based on reputation or potential audience, rather than actual viewership. Hence, the third factor becomes crucial in such cases.

3. ROI: Christian television programmers often rely on donors for support. While reaching a large audience is desirable, generating sufficient revenue to cover production and airtime expenses while funding ministry activities is equally important. In evaluating the ROI, a good agency will assess multiple stations and compare their performance. If a particular show consistently demonstrates poor ROI across different stations, it may indicate issues with the content, production quality, or call to action. However, if the show performs well on other stations but underperforms on a specific station, it suggests that there may be outlet-related factors such as an inappropriate time slot, a mismatched audience, an excessively high rate, or an audience that is unresponsive to the content.

In such instances, it is crucial for the station to collaborate closely with the programmer and consider making reasonable concessions. Programmers cannot sustain operations at a loss, and a viable solution often involves either lowering the rate or offering a bonus second airing at no additional cost.

4. RELATIONSHIP: Cultivating a warm and trusting relationship with programmers or their agencies can greatly enhance collaboration. When a programmer engages an agency, it is generally expected that the station will respect that relationship and refrain from direct contact. Most programmers will defer to their agency when dealing with media inquiries, as it is considered the appropriate and professional response.In cases where media outlets persist in bypassing the agency, they often risk being excluded from consideration by the purchasing agency.It is always advisable to allow agencies to perform their role as they possess the necessary expertise, skills, and, most importantly, established relationships to achieve optimal results.

By taking these factors into account and approaching the placement of your program on Christian TV with professionalism and warmth, you can maximize its impact and foster a mutually beneficial partnership.

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Mark Dreistadt

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