Is Your Vision BIG Enough? | Inspirational Leadership

by Mark Dreistadt | Apr 26, 2012 | Leadership

Every organization needs to have vision. If you don’t have vision, you’re not going anywhere. In fact, the Bible says, “without a vision, the people perish.” So we know that vision is critical, vision is important. But it is not just vision that is important… it needs to be the right vision.

  • The right vision will energize people. When you share the right vision, it will resonate with people and they will join with you in seeing the vision fulfilled.
  • The right vision inspires people. When people are inspired, they will go beyond the call of duty to pursue the vision.
  • The right vision builds a bridge from where you’re at today to where you can be in the future. By definition, the vision describes what the future is going to look like because of what you do.

How will the world change because of what you do? How will your work make a difference in the lives of those around you? What is that vision? Is it big enough? Is it challenging enough? Is it inspiring enough? Is it motivating enough?

Someone once told me, “If your vision isn’t keeping you awake at night, it isn’t BIG enough.” God loves BIG vision… the kind that only He can accomplish.

Know your vision, share your vision, live your vision, fulfill your vision. Turn dreams into reality.

Mark Dreistadt

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