Be a positive contributor to your team!

by Infinity Concepts | Apr 15, 2013 | Consulting, Leadership

How well do you play with others? Team sports show how a group of players working together can achieve much more than one player working alone. Every teammate knows what they need to do to win the game. They rely on each other and move forward as a team. These same concepts can be transferred to the workplace.

Be a good contributor to your team by…

  1. Doing what you do best – Use your best skills to your full potential. Perhaps you are great at analyzing data, or you may be an incredible presenter, or a wonderful problem solver. Find the role in your team that allows you to do what you do best. This will lead to higher job satisfaction and your team will benefit the most as well.
  2. Know your position – There are four key positions on every team. First is the Creator who comes up with a great idea. The Advancer will transform the idea to reality. The third position, or Refiner, wants to make sure nothing goes wrong and that everything is ready to go. And lastly the Executor, who will implement the idea and start observing the results. Which position defines you the most?
  3. Understand your team goal – What does the team expect from you? Understanding team objectives are important, but you also must understand your personal objectives. Knowing this will help you complete the task and make a stronger team.
  4. Be Reliable – Deliver what you said you would do, and make sure it is on time. Don’t be late! Each team member should be expected to be professional and have a high standard of work. If you fail to deliver those high standards it could lead to failing the team objectives or an unhealthy work environment.
  5. Stay flexible – Even though you may think you had a secure plan, things always happen. Be quick to take action and begin problem solving. Deal with obstacles wisely so that the team can move on to complete its task. Change the way you look at problems. Instead of seeing changes, see new opportunities to learn and grow.

Be a great contributor to your team by knowing yourself. Know your strengths. Use them to contribute something great to the team. Strive to exceed the expectations. Be dependable and flexible when it is needed. And most of all stay POSITIVE. It will move things forward and help create a harmonious team environment.

Your team’s dynamics are a crucial piece to your organization’s success. We can help with all aspects of team development. Contact us today!

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