10 Fast Ways To Improve Your Facebook Page

by George Konetes | Feb 10, 2015 | Digital

facebookWhen it comes to managing a Facebook page, many of us focus so much on keeping things going that there isn’t much time left for innovation and research.  But it is often the small things that make big differences in the social media arena.

So here are 10 fast ways to improve your Facebook page:

  1. Post as often as your audience wants.  There are rules of thumb when it comes to post frequency, but the best post frequency is determined by the audience.  Start at once per day, but then ramp up and later scale back.  Look at your data for engagement, unique reach, and outcomes to tell you what works best.
  2. Always include a picture.  Facebook has officially and algorithmically made it a waste of time for pages to make text only posts. The little organic reach potential that remains can only be utilized when posts include images.
  3. When you post links, always edit the metadata.  Back in the day, when you posted a link, it pulled words and pictures from the website and nothing could be changed.  Now you can edit the titles and text before publishing the post.  This is almost always beneficial to making the post look cleaner and be more engaging.
  4. Clean posts win, ugly ones lose.  The quality of the content is less important than the cleanness of the post.  If your post leads with a long URL, contains five jagged paragraphs and a few lines of hashtags sprinkled without, followed by a big picture of the letter “R” then it is destined to flop.  People pass right by ugly goofy looking content, it looks like spam. Your post must be simple, clean looking, and aesthetically balanced.  Add great content to that formula and you are on your way.
  5. Posts cannot advertise.  Facebook has changed the game.  Advertisements must be made through the ads manager, not as posts on a page that are boosted.  If you try to advertise via posts you will slowly kill your reach and audience.
  6. Look for the posts people are ignoring, and learn from them!  Your feed is a bad place to see the posts that are not working, because you are only shown things that are working.  Find some big Facebook pages similar to yours and look for the posts that are getting little to no engagement. Consider why these posts are falling short then try to improve your own content.
  7. Make content people want to see.  This is the opposite of making things that you want them to see, which is where we all default to.  Facebook now polls your audience and asks them what they think about specific posts.  Guess what happens when people classify your post as unhelpful or as advertisements?
  8. Do not push the envelope with lewd or abrasive content.  Facebook will now begin blurring or putting posts behind a disclaimer link if other users have rated them as things they do not want to see. This will happen even if users did not classify the posts as obscene or as a breach of Facebook’s terms of service.  Just a few complains and your posts can all but disappear.
  9. Boost posts by targeting the warmest possible audience.  Facebook will default to boosting posts to those who like your page, and their friends.  This can be ok, but it is usually the opposite of what you want.  People who like your page are your most responsive audience and will give you the most ROI.  Their friends may or may not appreciate your content.  So limit your boosting to only those users who have liked your page, unless you are strategically trying to engage their friends.
  10. Do not rely solely on your Facebook audience.  With a subtle policy change, Facebook can hinder or eliminate your ability to reach or engage your audience.  Always have an overarching strategy to convert that audience into email subscribers, exclusive members, or something that enables you to reach them independently of Facebook.
George Konetes

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