3 Strategies for 3D Lead Nurturing

by George Konetes | Nov 1, 2016 | Digital

Turning a new email address into a brand advocate, donor, or customer requires more than just a few well-crafted emails.  That is a one dimensional approach. It takes connecting with people and opening up at least three relationship pathways, or different communications channels that people can be engaged through. A little while back I wrote a post titled Is Your Lead Nurturing 3 Dimensional?  It provides some background on this subject.

It is not that difficult to create a three dimensional nurturing campaign, but very few organizations ever consider it.  Here are three strategies for effective 3D Lead Nurturing:

1.     Email & eBook & DVD

For example, say you promote a petition to your target audience.  You then send the new leads emails telling them about your organization, work, and cause.  You eventually offer them a free eBook via email.  Those who download the free eBook are later offered a free DVD.

In that strategy the emails are an educational dimension. The eBook takes people deeper into a related subject or aspect of your mission and people are now reading about you outside of email.  The DVD is the third dimension. You are now connecting with them in their living room using the TV.

2.     Email & Podcast & eBook

For this one you may use an eBook to acquire the leads.  You then send them the informational and educational emails.  Perhaps email #2 or #3 offers the chance to download a podcast, be it audio or video.  After that, only those who opt in and download the podcast are offered a free print book a few weeks later.

In this strategy the emails tell them about who you are and what you do. The podcast gives them a quick rich media interaction and solid content around a subject they are interested in. And the book gives them the opportunity to carry you around with them and begin to deeply connect around concepts that are central to your mission.

3.     Event & Email & Letter

This approach centers around collecting leads at an event you host.  You then follow-up with them via email for a time and those who open a certain percentage of emails receive a direct mail package, perhaps a newsletter, partnership letter, or promotion.

Starting with an event can be expensive, but all the leads have heard you, seen you, and had a face-to-face interaction which highly qualifies them and generates a lot of good will.  Email serves to keep the interaction going and shows that your commitment goes beyond a onetime event.  The direct mail piece is putting something of interest and value to them into their hands.

One key is to qualify leads with free resources before offering them items that have a fulfillment cost.  If someone doesn’t want your free eBook then they may not be a qualified enough lead to offer a free DVD to.  Send them more emails, and try to engage them with free items before offering something that costs you money to fulfill.

The right strategy for your organization depends greatly on your mission and what materials you have available. But using three or more dimensions should become a natural part of your nurturing strategy.

George Konetes

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