5 Micro Conversions That Precede A Digital Donation

by George Konetes | Aug 15, 2017 | Digital, Fundraising

When most people think about donor conversions they think about donations. And while that is certainly the end goal, there is a journey that most users take before becoming a donor. This is true especially with digital users, who find and interact with your organization online. Ignoring this journey will essentially take new users with interest in your cause out into an unfamiliar place and leave them alone with no cell phone, map, or GPS. Very few will find their way to becoming donors.

Conversion Types

A first donation is a macro conversion, a significant quantifiable action. But most of the time, many micro conversions, small less significant actions, must take place first and build up to the bigger action. Seldom do new digital users give when they first learn about your organization. If they ever give, they will most likely follow a path of multiple micro conversions first. The key is to create a natural progression of micro conversions for them to follow which will multiply the potential of them taking that big definitive step of giving a gift down the road.

Here are five micro conversions that you can utilize to help users progress toward becoming donors:

  1. Read a Download. As simple as it seems, if someone is reading materials you produced, they are learning more about your heart, vision, and values. Plus, this is happening outside of an email, so you are engaging with them through another channel.
  2. Watch a Video. Video is powerful and it gives you the ability to warmly engage people, to let them feel who you are. It also enables you to use good production quality to show that your organization is thoughtful and skillful in accomplishing your mission.
  3. Sign a Pledge or Petition. A pledge of support in this sense is not a pledge to give, but to stand with you. It is essentially a petition but with less sense of activism. This is a simple way people can support you without having to give. It’s an easier way to get them involved.
  4. Send a Note of Encouragement. Ask people to fill out a digital form to send a note of encouragement to the constituencies that you serve. This is great strategy to get people who are interested in your organization to take a positive effective action on your behalf.
  5. Attend an Event (physically or digitally). Whether it’s a local gathering or a webinar, giving people an opportunity to hear from the leaders of your movement in a live meaningful way is one of the best things you can do to engage them and let them feel the heart of your cause.

Whether you chose to incorporate some, all or even more conversion opportunities, each of these micro conversion events is a way to get people more deeply involved with what you do while moving them toward becoming donors.

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George Konetes

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