Three Retargeting Strategies To Maximize ROI

by George Konetes | Oct 10, 2017 | Digital

Retargeting is a digital marketing strategy that is growing and being used in new and innovated ways. It is a form of online advertising that can keep your organization in front of people after they visit your website

Typically, less than 3% of visitors take any action (or make a gift) on the first visit to a website. But after you have invested time, money and creative energy to get a visitor to your site, retargeting allows you to continue to connect with them across the Internet. Today, there are exciting new possibilities for your organizations to use retargeting.

Retargeting is a great way to reap a greater harvest on the funds you already invested. If at one point you were able to get users to download something, join something, or visit something as part of your promotion strategy, retargeting enables you to target those users who have already responded to you and encourage them to take another more meaningful action. And it is almost always a more cost-effective way to inspire these users to action.

Here are three strategies you can use to get the most out of your digital advertising budget.

  1. Retarget Facebook Likes To Obtain Email Addresses

Our experience shows that users who like your Facebook page convert to email addresses at approximately half the cost as Facebook users that you cold target. So, if it takes you $5.00 to gain an email address through regular Facebook advertising, it may only cost you $2.50 when you target your advertising to your Facebook audience. That means you can acquire more email addresses for less cost.

  1. Retarget Email Addresses To Obtain Full Addresses

Once someone has already signed up for something you are doing, it is much easier to get them to sign up again and to provide more information. Whether you retarget with social media or display advertising, it should cost you much less to retarget your email address list in order to get them to take a more significant action on your behalf.

  1. Retarget Full Addresses To Obtain Donations

Users that will give you their full address display a significant level of interest in your work. Historically, many organizations mail them appeals for donations, which is normal. But you can also take that same list and retarget them online with digital appeals so you are reaching them on multiple fronts. This same tactic can be used with an email only list, but users who have taken higher level actions in the past are more likely to become supports in the future.

An important benefit of retargeting is using action-oriented creative that appeals to users who already know about you. This can be a great asset because you can spend less time telling them about who you are and focus more on what you do and how they can partner with you to make a difference.

Let us know if Infinity Concepts can use its expertise in digital marketing to produce results for you!

George Konetes

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