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by Paul McDonald | Jan 16, 2018 | Church Growth, Media

You are planning a big event at your church or media ministry. God has given you an amazing vision for this project and you are excited about what He is going to do through it to reach people who need to hear the saving message of Jesus Christ.

Whether it is a large stage production that involves lights, sound, costumes and choreography, or whether it’s a solo live streaming event or a new teaching series in your sanctuary, it is important to think strategically. Bring your staff together to plan the event, assign important tasks to each member of the group according to their giftedness or position, but be sure you think beyond event to determine how you will attract attendees or participants.

In Luke, Chapter 14, verse 28, Jesus said, “Which of you wishing to construct a tower does not first sit down and calculate the cost to see if there is enough for its completion?” And there is tremendous wisdom in that quote. The vision is the Lord’s, but we need to use every resource that God has provided us to make that vision a reality — and make it successful!

So, when it comes to your special event, are you also strategizing the best way to promote the event to people? Or is event promotion an afterthought that gets left to some volunteer to handle? Have you allocated budget to do legitimate advertising for this event? Or are you leaving it to word of mouth?

Word of mouth advertising is great, but if the program or event is worth creating, perhaps it’s worth spending a little budget on wider advertising as well — especially if you want to reach someone who is not familiar with your church or organization.

The options you have for advertising are growing all the time. Traditional advertising like local cable tv ads, radio spots, or even local billboards are always great options. Consider also all that the Internet and social media offer you with banner ads, Google Adwords, or Facebook ads, just to name a few.

Build relationships with local media, especially local Christian media and also religion editors from secular outlets. When it comes time to do your advertising, they can help you with ideas and options, and will be more willing to offer you bonus services because they know and trust you.

Your event will be fantastic, and with the right combination of advertising and other promotion, many more people will see it and be touched by it.

Let Infinity Concepts help you with strategic advertising and promotion!

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